we were absolutely thrilled to host, facilitate and collaborate with Kojo X Johnson, a capoeira angola treinel (portuguese for instructor) this past weekend. Kojo brought an excellent presentation of music, language, movement, balance and discipline to our program. 
Friday night we painted our gallery space with some friends of ours who gladly volunteered their time to make a huge mess. We wanted to "freshen" up our gallery walls in preperation for our upcoming exhibition "you will never amount to anything".  So we watered down white and gray paint to create a textured, drippey, layered yet nuetral atmosphere. By the end of the night our gallery was a swampy mess, but our walls looks amazing!! Special thanks goes out to Troy, River, Alex, Frank, Shruti, Chris, Nathan and Rita!!
our collaborative outreach program is now home in the warehouse space in sub base, st. thomas. we are going to be hosting classes in our warehouse space as well as continuing to work in programs across the VI community and possibly abroad! stay tuned for more updates, you can like our page on facebook for more info about upcoming classes as well!